Hinsdale Setbacks Results, May 20, 2023

(S indicates seen. H indicates heard but not seen. SH indicates both seen and heard.


Double Crested Cormorant S
Pair Bald Eagles in flight S
Bald Eagle nest with Eaglet
Downy Woodpecker SH
Song Sparrow SH
House Wren H
American Cardinal SH
Wood Peewee SH
Brown Thrasher S
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker S
American Crow S
American Robin SH
Scarlet Tanager H
Black-capped Chickadee S
Blue Jay SH
American Redstart SH
Baltimore Oriole SH
Barn Swallow S
Northern Waterthrush H
Red-eyed Vireo SH
Red-tailed Hawk S
Rose-breasted Grosbeak SH
Warbling Vireo SH
Gray Catbird SH
Veery SH
Yellow Warbler SH
Pine Warbler SH
Wood Thrush SH 
Red-bellied Woodpecker H
Chestnut-sided Warbler SH
Common Yellowthroat H
Red-winged Blackbird SH
American Goldfinch SH
Mourning Dove SH
Canada Warbler H
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher H
Canada Geese H
Great Blue Heron S
Common Grackle S
Ruby-throated Hummingbird S