The "Birds of Our Meadows" program includes an optional  supplemental walk on Saturday, May 25th in a Northfield area meadow beginning at 9:00 a.m.   You are welcome to participate in the walk even if you did not attend the program.  Walk Results

We will walk into a meadow to observe Bobolinks and other meadow birds.  Then, people who are interested may proceed on a longer walk along a quiet woodland/brushland trail to look for other birds, wildlife, and plants.  The walk is about 1 ½ - 2 miles over a flat but not always well-defined trail, coming out on South Mt. Road and walking back to our starting point.  Tick, black fly and mosquito prevention is a must (as always at this time of year.)

From Northfield: Drive south for five miles on Route 63 (Millers Falls Road) and turn left onto  South Mountain Road. Drive 2.7 miles to Old Wendell Road (see sign to Erving/Rt 2) and turn right. 

From there drive another seven tenths of a mile past a farmhouse, outbuildings, and fields to the meadow on the right.  Look for tall transmission poles on the meadow and gate reading #224.  Park along the road.

From Gulf Road, Erving: Drive to South Mountain Road, turn left, and proceed nine tenths of a mile to Old Wendell Road. Turn left onto Old Wendell Road and follow directions above to the meadow.

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