UMass Study About Ways to Control Invasive Species
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The Benefits of Carbon Offset Funds

Environmentalist Rob Moir writes about ways to improve climate and natural diversity.




Dozens of Birds Named After People are About to be Renamed

Click here for the story from NPR. See also Margaret Renkl's piece in the Nov. 13, 2023 issue of the New York Times, "North American Birds Will No Longer Be Named for Racists - or Anybody Else."



Battling a "Green Glacier"

Is there such a thing as too many trees? It might be a surprise to learn that one of the biggest threats to Great Plains grasslands is the advance of eastern redcedar—a tree planted across the region to provide shade, windbreaks, natural fences, and shelter for calves. Unfortunately, red cedars are now turning prairies into woodlands, setting up an all-hands-on-deck battle to maintain and restore the grasslands that humans and wildlife depend on. Read the feature from the latest issue of Living Bird. ---  The Cornell Lab. 



From The Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

Billions of Birds Are Migrating;
BirdCast Can Help You Be Ready

Migration isn't a steady stream of travelers—some days are packed with new bird arrivals, and others are quiet. BirdCast predicts these ebbs and flows and creates a 3-day migration forecast so you know when to look out for arriving birds. Find out how it works, how to use it, and what species may be passing through your area.

Help Prevent Deaths of Migrating Birds: We encourage everyone to turn lights out at night during peak migration times in the spring and fall, and to treat windows to prevent collisions. A huge thank you to actors and bird advocates Jane Alexander and Lili Taylor for helping us make videos to spread the word about the importance of turning off building lights this spring.



Stunning photographs of a female Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) building her nest.



Tom Ricardi and the Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center in Conway, MA are in the news (The Recorder, Greenfield, MA). More


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