Northfield Bird Club: Species list for canoe birding 6/1/23
Long Pond, Royalston, MA

Yellow-bellied sapsucker h

Red-eyed vireo h

Turkey vulture s

Eastern towhee h

Gray catbird h

Veery h

Red-shouldered hawk s

Song sparrow s

Tree swallow s

Great blue heron s

Tufted titmouse h

Common yellowthroat s

Chestnut-sided warbler h

Yellow warbler s

Northern raven s

Red-tailed hawk imm. s

Green heron s

Belted kingfisher s

Eastern kingbird s w/nest material

Red-winged blackbird

Barn swallow s

Alder flycatcher h

Blue-jay s

E. wood pewee h

Eastern phoebe

Six people attended, all with single boats, and paddled slowly from the canoe launch as far as the southern end of the pond. Along the way we were treated to two calling alder flycatchers, a beaver, a prolonged look at a green heron and a soaring red-shouldered hawk.